Thunder & Dusty

16.May31.ThunderThunder and Dusty, my brother Ray’s magnificent Percherons, are among the many reasons I enjoy making a trip home to the family farms in Clearwater County. I also appreciate how willing Thunder and Dusty are to oblige my need to photograph them frequently. They are our gentle giants.


A downtown view – looking up


Riding my scooter through downtown (Minneapolis) last week was a major challenge. Traffic was backed up … stop and go. I looked up during one of those moments where we weren’t moving at all (thanks to Nicollet Mall construction), and I captured this view of our wonderful Foshay Tower.

Learning SAORI weaving at Homewood Studios


I’ve always wondered how a loom works, and learning how to do SAORI weaving yesterday at Homewood Studios was an experience I will cherish always.

Chiaki O’Brien and the six women artists she mentored at TSE (a non-profit that supports people with developmental and other intellectual disabilities) were outstanding teaching artists.

The combination of their brilliant SAORI exhibit in the Homewood gallery and their enthusiastic desire to teach us how to use the SAORI looms inspired us, the learners, to create our own unique pieces of art.

To George and Bev Roberts (owners of Homewood Studios): Thank you for providing us with the opportunity to explore our talents in community with other artists. Thank you, too, for providing me with a wonderful (and symbolic) bridge from my 7.5+ years at the Capri Theater to my new role as Textile Center’s new executive director.

I’m going to display my SAORI piece with pride in my new office, and it will inspire me to share wonderful stories about our vibrant arts scene in North Minneapolis, particularly Bev and George’s commitment to bring community together through art.

Photos above and below: my first SAORI work, including an inspection by Nikolas. (I think he approved of my work!)



Looking ahead: Textile Center!


(From – We are pleased to announce great news for the future of Textile Center. After an extensive examination of what qualities the organizations needs for its next Executive Director, and a national search, Textile Center has named Karl Reichert to the position.

This exceptional new leader has a track record leading arts organizations, with experience building great programing, and a history of making strong connections to individuals, funders and other arts directors across Minnesota.

Karl served as the Director of the Capri Theater for Plymouth Christian Youth Center for nearly eight years, where he created, shaped, and funded a myriad of programs that have elevated music and theater performance and education in culturally diverse and economically challenged North Minneapolis. While there, he led the redevelopment of the Capri Theater from an under-utilized movie house into a flourishing, first-rate performing arts venue, creating a sustainable impact on economic and neighborhood redevelopment in North Minneapolis.

Before the Capri, Karl worked as a marketing and public relations consultant for arts organizations, served as Fundraising Director for R.T. Rybak’s 2001 mayoral campaign, and was the Director of Public Affairs at the Minnesota Orchestral Association (1992 to 2000).

The Search Committee, comprised of members of the Textile Center Board of Directors and several textile guilds, was impressed with Reichert’s senior arts executive experience, and decades of success in developing and promoting the arts in the Twin Cities. A deeply committed and talented community leader, Karl is enthusiastic about leading Textile Center into its third decade of being a vibrant, catalytic hub for fiber art. He is also a knitter!

“I’m honored to have been appointed Textile Center’s new executive director,” Karl says, “and I’m looking forward to diving into the world of fiber arts. As Minnesotans, we are blessed to have an incomparable arts scene, and Textile Center’s national profile is the result of more two decades committed to celebrating and supporting fiber art in our region. Thanks to its dedicated board, staff and community of artists, guilds and enthusiasts, Textile Center has a very exciting future ahead of it. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to lead this important arts organization forward.”

Karl will assume the post on November 17, and there will be numerous opportunities for the community to meet him. Join us at Textile Center for the Holiday Gallery Shop’s Carter Smith artist trunk show on November 15; Karl will be in attendance from 1 – 4 pm.

Moving on from the Capri to Textile Center

A message from Anne Long, PCYC Executive Director

Dear Friends of the Capri Theater,

Our Director of the Capri Theater, Karl Reichert, has been appointed Executive Director of Textile Center, a national center for the fiber arts based here in Minneapolis, and he will conclude 7.5 years of service to Plymouth Christian Youth Center (PCYC) on November 7, 2014.

Karl’s leadership has transformed the Capri Theater into a vibrant performing arts venue. Thanks to Karl and his Capri Theater staff and artists with the support of the PCYC community, we have made major progress on our goal to “Bring up the Lights on West Broadway.

Karl has provided innovative artistic leadership that led to the development of the Legends jazz series, the Capri After School Theater (CAST), Camp Capri for middle school students, the Capri Theater Youth Apprentice program, the monthly Freedom of Xpression Open Mic, as well as collaborative partnerships with Children’s Theatre Company and the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra.

He guided the $800,000 plus renovation of the Capri Theater in 2009, known as the Capri Theater Renaissance – Phase I, which included significant improvements in the auditorium and lobby, and built operating and marketing systems for the Capri. As a result of this investment by PCYC, the Capri has become a hub for a wide array of arts activities by transforming it into a vibrant and affordable rental venue.

And Karl has helped set the stage for the next the Capri Theater Renaissance – Phase II, which has included establishing conceptual plans for the expansion of the Capri Theater. We honor his enormous contributions to the PCYC, to the Capri, and to the revitalization of West Broadway.

During this transition, Karl will work with me on an interim transition plan for Capri Theater operations, assuring that all he has put in place will continue to thrive.  And of course we wish him all the best and know he will continue to advocate and support the young people, artists, staff and mission of PCYC and the Capri in this next step in his professional role as an arts leader.

Karl describes his PCYC/Capri experience in this way:

“I will always treasure the time I’ve spent with PCYC working to ‘Bring Up the Lights on West Broadway’ in my role as Director of the Capri Theater. I’ve come to know so many wonderful people committed to revitalizing North Minneapolis through the arts. One of the greatest joys I’ve had working at the Capri was the level of youth engagement we brought into our operations through the Capri Theater Youth Apprentice Program. It’s been amazing to watch our young people build life skills and grow with confidence through their interaction with artists and patrons at the Capri. They have become a cornerstone for Capri Theater operations.

“As I embark on an exciting opportunity to serve Textile Center as its new Executive Director, I will continue to be an advocate for North Minneapolis youth and families in the years to come. As an arts leader I enjoyed working in a school and youth center environment, learning from some of the best artists, educators and social workers in the Twin Cities about how the arts can so powerfully impact youth and the communities they call home.

“Together we’ve built an impressive venue and an effective array of arts programs, and in the best of the PCYC tradition, which now spans 60 years, and I’m confident that we have set the stage for an upcoming Second Act for Capri Theater Renaissance that will be even more exciting than our wonderful First Act.”